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General information regarding education and training for Nursing Assistants.

Formal training is not required for persons interested in challenging the state of Florida certification exam for Nursing Assistants. Test-prep or training is recommended due to the nature of the exam. Individuals with no prior knowledge of materials covered on the exam will be at a disadvantage and less likely to successfully pass the exam to become a CNA.

Becoming a CNA will increase the chances for success in securing a job in the healthcare field at entry level.

Test-prep and training programs for CNAs
are increasing in order to answer the state mandated call for more CNAs in Florida's nursing homes.

The need for more CNAs accelerated when the Florida legislature passed a law requiring for increased numbers of nurse staffing at long-term care facilities to meet the needs for safety in caring for the residents.

What are some of the duties of a CNA?

CNAs work under the direction of a licensed nurse, providing residents with the assistance they need  to carry out activities of daily living (ADLs). Certified Nursing Assistants (also called Nurse Aides, Home Health Aides, Patient Care Technicians) work with residents to help with such tasks as bathing, grooming, and feeding while helping them to maintain as much independence as possible.

Other job duties may include: collecting specimens, assisting with diagnostic tests, assisting the nursing staff and physician.

CNAs can work in a variety of settings:


  • Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centers


Mission Statement:

Our mission at FLCNATESTPREP is to provide consultations and test-prep sessions to individuals interested in challenging the state of Florida examination for Nursing Assistants, making it possible for the individual to successfully pass the exam.  After receiving certification as a Nursing Assistant the successful candidate will then be able to work in the healthcare field on an entry level.

History of owner:

FLCNATESTPREP is owned and operated by a registered nurse with more than 25 years of experience in the medical field. Five years of her experience included writing a nursing assistant training program and having it approved by the state of Georgia. There she served as the administrator as well as one of the instructors for the program.

Duties of her job were to provide each student with:
  • fast track quality training
  • testing
  • state certification
The program enjoyed a 99.99% successful passing rate. Some of the graduates progressed in the healthcare field with further education and went on to become  LPNs and RNs.

Future for our candidates:

It is the hope of FLCNATESTPREP that each candidate will successfully pass the state of Florida certification exam for Nursing Assistants. It is also our hope that each candidate choosing to use our services to jump start a new and rewarding career will have a successful future as a respected member of the healthcare community serving the needs for care of the elderly and infirmed and after becoming a CNA, they will choose formal education to further their career in the healthcare field.

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